When Egale Canada approached the Finer Events decor team to create a 1920s themed gala, inspired by the release of the blockbuster movie The Great Gatsby, we couldn’t wait to get started!


Above: 1920s Great Gatsby themed gala at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel sponsored by Warner Brothers Canada.

The 1920s era was very glitzy and the decor & design team was really excited about The Great Gatsby movie which made for great brainstorming sessions.


Above: We found the outfit Daisy wore to Gatsby’s party very inspirational for the centrepiece designs.


Above: Feathers, pearls and crystals from Daisy’s party outfit inspired these design sketches of the centrepiece options.


Above: The team at Egale Canada opted for the martini vase centrepiece design for the gala.
Above: The design team loved how this entire space was decorated with gorgeous silver candelabras. 


Above: Our silver chrome crystal candelabras added a touch of warmth and sparkle to the decor. 


Above: The flowing white sheer fabric curtains were such gorgeous decor elements in one of the opening scenes in The Great Gatsby.


Above: The Finer Events decor and design team was definitely inspired by all that gorgeously flowing white sheer in The Great Gatsby movie. So we incorporated it in a white sheer curtain window, starry night feel with this large white sheer backdrop.
Above: Another source of inspiration was Nick’s cottage front; landscaped and decorated with a million flowers for tea time with Daisy and Gatsby.


Above: This white metal lamp enrobed in flowers from top to base was inspired by the flower arch in front of Nick’s cottage entrance.


Above: Gatsby’s lavish parties were definitely a source of inspiration for the Finer Events decor and design team.


Above: We incorporated some of that glitz and glamour at Gatsby’s parties by draping the entrance of the banquet hall in black velvet accented with Swarovski crystals along with full crystal curtains.   

In the end, all these decor elements came together to create quite a memorable 1920s Great Gatsby themed gala for Egale Canada’s guests.


Above: All the decor elements designed and implemented by Finer Events transformed the banquet hall at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel into a 1920s glamorous affair inspired by The Great Gatsby movie.