2016 Weddings Are Simply, Naturally Beautiful



2016 Weddings Are Simply, Naturally Beautiful
It’s always exciting to see which bridal gown and wedding décor trends emerge each year, and this year we have a real treat: 2016 Weddings are simply, naturally beautiful. And it turns out that leveraging the simple romance of nature’s bounty can create truly breathtaking weddings.


Finer Events Participates in the 2015 Pan American Games

There was already a great sense of pride that could be felt throughout our offices when Toronto was chosen to host the Pan Am games this year. Now imagine the added sense of excitement when Finer Events was given the opportunity to participate in the 2015 Pan American Games. It goes without saying that our participation was in no way athletic, but it was by offering to do what we do best: event design and corporate branding. […]

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Grand Luxe Decor at the Met Ball 2015

Appropriately dubbed the Superbowl of fashion, the annual Met Ball attracts every major celebrity who in turn spares no expense to ensure that their haute couture formal attire is befitting of the $25,000 ticket to this extravagant event. […]

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Lace: A Timeless Love Affair

Our love affair with lace is a timeless one indeed. So what exactly is the story of this openwork fabric, created with a needle and single or multiple threads? […]

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