Dance floors customized to the couple’s liking in elegant white, or coloured, vinyl have certainly grown in popularity over the past couple of years. Granted it does not qualify as the latest of trends as we start off 2015, but it has definitely become a popular trend.

dance floors

Above: Golden monogrammed vinyl dance floor decor designed to match the Great Gatsby 1920s decor theme at Paradise Banquet Hall in Vaughan.

Weddings are inherently personal experiences that are planned, and executed, in a manner that reflects the joyous couples’ individual personalities down to the smallest of details. The one sure way to personalize an entire wedding experience is by customizing every element possible; from the decor details to the bridal flowers, all the way down to the initials on the wedding cake. So is it really any surprise that couples are embracing the idea of even customizing their dance floors?


Above: Custom vinyl dance floor with a large monogram in the centre creates the perfect finishing touch to this regal stage decor at Woodbine Banquet Hall.

To its credit, custom created vinyl dance floor decor is a very elegant way of elevating the overall look and feel of the reception hall. It really beautifully ties together all the decor and floral aspects of the wedding reception. In fact, vinyl dance floor decor is highly customizable. Not only can they be created in an endless variety of shapes and sizes, but couples also have the option of incorporating colours in the design of their initials to match the colour scheme of their wedding reception decor. Some couples might even opt to cover the entire dance floor with their favourite pattern instead of just having their initials in the middle. Again, it all depends on the couple’s decor design vision and personality. The best part about these really elegant looking custom vinyl dance floors, from the venue owner’s perspective is that this vinyl product is safe to use on most dance floors. It has a very gentle adhesive that not only makes it very easy to remove at the end of the night, but also leaves no residue behind at all. They are of course a one-time use. Once the vinyl is removed it cannot be reused.


Above: Vinyl dance floor decor with a custom purple monogram to match the couple’s reception decor colour scheme at Chateau Le Jardin in Woodbridge. 

Given the endless creative possibilities that vinyl flooring offers, it is slowly, but very surely, becoming a popular commodity at private parties and corporate galas as well. The fact that it can easily be branded with a company’s logo, or slogan, is very appealing to corporate event coordinators. The same can be said for private parties, specifically for a Sweet Sixteen or Quinceañera. The custom vinyl dance floor decor makes these birthday parties that much more special and personalized. Not to mention that with the endless print design options, they help bring any desired theme to life.


Above: Custom designed vinyl branding for a corporate Red Bull product launch party.

Who knew that an added touch of vinyl and an original printed design can make such a difference to an event? Wether planning a wedding, a corporate gala, or an extravagant birthday party, the goal seems to be the same throughout: Making these events memorable for all who are in attendance. Well, it is safe to say that customized vinyl dance floors certainly provide that “wow” factor and will be one of the trendiest decor features for years to come.