They were dubbed the “Roaring Twenties” or, better yet, the “Golden Twenties” for a very good reason. The economic boom following the First World War was responsible for all the glitz and glamour of the 1920s. An era renowned to this day for its decadence: The lavish high society parties and the glamorous fashion. Not to mention the ever so popular cautionary tale regarding the American Dream; F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary masterpiece “The Great Gatsby”. So is it really any wonder that our decor team at Finer Events gets asked  time and time again to design a 1920s themed event? There is also no doubt that the recent release of the movie “The Great Gatsby”, starring none other than the strapping  Leonardo DeCaprio, played its part in bringing back all that excitement for the 1920s.

This time, our decor team was asked to resurrect the 1920s at the ritzy Trump Hotel in Toronto for an intimate wedding reception. Inspired by all we know about the exotic era with the Trump Hotel architectural design details a very fitting backdrop, here is how we brought the 1920s back.


Above: The very elegant foyer of the banquet hall at the Trump Hotel in Toronto features beautiful black crystal chandeliers and lush furniture. The perfect backdrop for our 1920s Great Gatsby inspired wedding.

In keeping with all the rich beaded fabrics of the glamorous fashion of the 1920s, we dressed the tables with the finest table linens. Ivory table linens that are elegantly beaded with pearls and light gold sequins.


Above: Flowing ivory linen with light golden pearls and sequins reminiscent of the 1920s era.

Feathers, crystals and pearls were all the rage back in the 1920s and our centrepieces for this elegant wedding reception conveyed just that.


Above: White feather centrepieces with hanging crystals and pearls from a tall martini glass. Silver beaded glass charger plates the perfect complement to the 1920s inspired centrepieces.

Complementing the white feather centrepieces are large and tall glass trumpet style vases topped with a large red feather ball. These large decor pieces were scattered along the walls of the banquet hall.


Above: Tall clear glass vase topped with a large red feather ball. The submersed LED lights and hanging glass crystals make this piece sparkle.

There was no shortage of glam decor at the head table. Rose gold and crystal centrepieces were in abundance and added luxe and sparkle to these VIP wedding reception tables.


Above: Rose gold crystal centrepieces add sparkle and glam to the head table decor at this 1920s themed wedding reception at the Trump Hotel Toronto.

The glamorous gold decor does not stop at the bride and groom’s head table. It carries through in very unique decor pieces. Like these custom designed, ornate golden frames with hanging romantic engagement photos of the lovely couple. The 1920s was all about the fancy details. Like the intricate carvings in our golden frames and the mercury glass candle holders in a golden hue.


Above: Custom designed golden frames with bride and groom photos hanging from strings of crystals. Golden mercury glass candle holders add a touch of romance to this decor setup.

After all the decor has been set, the choice of turquoise blue uplighting certainly elevates the level of originality and ties this whole Gatsby 1920s decor theme together beautifully.


Above: Turquoise blue uplighting set the mood, enhances the crystal sparkle of the head table decor centrepieces and adds originality to the 1920s decor theme.

What Gatsby 1920s decor theme is complete without a tower of champagne glasses? But of course in true Finer Events fashion, we put a twist on the idea and used it to display the couple’s wedding favors.


Above: Champagne tower of wedding favors topped with a tower of champagne glasses; the perfect finishing touch to the 1920s Gatsby themed wedding decor at the Trump Hotel Toronto.

Our decor team is very pleased with the way the ritzy 1920s era came together at the gorgeous banquet hall of the luxurious Trump Hotel in Toronto. Gatsby was indeed introduced to Trump at this elegant luxe wedding reception produced by none other than Finer Events.