The most festive season is almost upon us. So what better place to get in the spirit of it all than one of the most luxurious hotels in the world: The Shangri-La Hotel in oh-so romantic Paris, France.


Last year the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris has teamed up with Baccarat to celebrate the holidays and create a magnificent Christmas decor. In addition to the festive decor, guests of the hotel can enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride or indulge in delectable culinary creations designed to capture the Christmas spirit.


Above: Shangri-La Hotel entrance covered with festive Christmas lights.

The holiday season in itself is quite enchanting; but add to it the impeccable architecture of the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris and Baccarat’s finest crystal designs and you’ve now got magic. Pure holiday magic!


Above: Baccarat’s fine crystal decorations light up the Christmas tree at the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris.


Above: Delicate crystal ornaments from Baccarat commemorating Christmas 2012 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Paris.

We all agree that no holiday season is complete without the joy of gift-giving. Last year, the Shangri-La Hotel took the excitement of the advent calendar to a whole new level. A beautiful decor piece in itself, the advent calendar contained a variety of great prizes for the hotel guests. Each day, one lucky guest would use a small key to open the little glass window and pull out a paper scroll with the details of the prize that they’ve won.


 Above: Shangri-La Paris advent calendar an original Christmas decor creation.


Above: Elegant and festive decorative details of the one-of-a-kind Shangri-La advent calendar.

After all the elegant and luxurious Christmas decor has been enjoyed and all the advent calendar fun has been had, the hotel guests can relax and enjoy a very special Christmas Tea-Time concocted by pastry Chef François Perret.


Above: Decadent and delectable Christmas desserts and pastry by Chef François Perret.

To top it all off, guests wake up to special surprises and gifts stuffed into their Christmas stocking that is hanging on their hotel room door handle.


Above: Christmas stockings hanging from door handles of the rooms at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris.

Clearly the Shangri-La Hotel Paris spares no expense in offering its guest an incomparable, festive experience during the Christmas season. From the opulent decor down to the smallest detail, like the very decadent Christmas pastry, guests will experience a Christmas in Paris that will stay with them forever.