We all know that no two people are completely alike and your wedding celebrates your love as a couple. It is without a doubt a team effort. So every detail of that day should be a representation of your individual personalities and styles coming together. So how do you make it work?

The two major aspects of your wedding that would reflect that are: The venue and the decor. Two things that have proven to be a source of disagreement for most couples. Quite simply because you might dream of a romantic fairytale wedding in a vintage venue but your partner might dream of a more modern reception in a city hotel.



Above: Romantic vintage wedding at The Fairmont Royal York in Toronto.


Above: A wedding reception with modern flair at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex downtown Toronto.

Certainly by now you have come to realize that the key to all this is: Compromise. It also happens to be what it takes to make your marriage work. So why not start practicing now?

In fact the daunting task of planning your wedding is a great test of your ability to work together and make all the necessary decisions as a couple.

The aspect of the wedding planning process most couples tackle first is: Finding the perfect wedding venue. We recommend you choose several venues and you visit them all together. Most importantly: Keep an open mind! You will each have your own preferences. So, choose the venue that will combine the best of both worlds for you. For example: If your fiancé likes the inviting warmth of halls but you prefer open spaces with lush greenery, then the best compromise would be to choose a venue that has an open  patio space overlooking green gardens. This will give you the option to enjoy parts of your wedding reception outdoors.



Above: A historical landmark in Toronto, Casa Loma is the perfect venue for the ultimate fairytale summer wedding.  Couples and their guests can also enjoy the great patio and gorgeous lush green grounds.

Once you have found your perfect wedding venue, the fun part begins: Wedding decorations! Just like the venue, your wedding decor should also represent a combination of your personalities and tastes. The best plan of attack would be to discuss both your wedding decor visions in detail. It won’t be long before you realize that there are actually quite a few similarities. With some creativity, or the help of your preferred decor design professional, you can bring those common elements together and create a custom decor theme that is all about you as a couple.

Some couples are very similar and will likely choose to make their decor theme about something they both love. For example: Sports enthusiast couples might choose to have their wedding cake design inspired by their favourite sports team’s jersey and have their decor colours match that as well.



Above: Toronto Maple Leafs inspired wedding cake topper.

Other couples however couldn’t be more different! She loves glamourous florals and crystal glitz, but he is more into the understated vintage elegance. Well, once again, with some creativity most themes can easily be combined to produce something spectacular. So in this scenario, the couple might opt for pastel coloured florals and combine them with crystal and pearl accents on brushed metal for a more vintage feel.



Above: A perfect mix of pastel florals, crystal and brushed metal in this vintage glam wedding decor theme.

Now what if the bride wants everything in pink?! A timeless dilemma that occasionally arrises for some couples. There are several solutions that will allow the bride to have her way with pink but still create a sophisticated decor theme. If the bride has chosen a blush pink, offsetting it with light brushed gold metal accents will create gorgeous vintage wedding decor. However, if the bride absolutely loves hot pink, adding black or dark navy accents will create clean, modern wedding decor.

Once again, it is all about compromise and meeting each other halfway.

All in all, remember that the journey to your “happily ever after” really does begin with the planning of your wedding day and not when it’s over. So align yourself with top notch wedding industry professionals which will allow you to enjoy each aspect of the process and create some great memories along the way.