Wedding Decor Theme: Dr. Seuss Inspires Wedding

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein… And what bigger imagination to inspire wedding decor than that of Dr. Seuss?!

The team at Finer Events didn’t yet have the pleasure of watching the latest release of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. We did however catch its many previews on TV and in theatres. The gorgeous colours and especially the fluffiness of the Lorax Trees are simply undeniable!

So it came as no surprise that when we were designing the wedding decor and, more specifically, the centrepiece for our candy station, we drew our inspiration from those colourful, fluffy trees.

Above: Pink Lorax Trees from Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. These tress are deliciously fluffy and pink- an absolute perfect fit for a candy station. that is inherently the most fun and whimsical element of wedding decor.

The result of such great inspiration: A white and pink cotton candy tree to which we added crystal strings to make it more wedding and evening appropriate.

Above: The candy station centrepiece and focal point is a white manzanita tree with pink cotton candy on its branches and hanging clear crystal threads. All inspired by Dr. Seuss’s Lorax trees.
Above: Our lovely bride and groom admiring their colourful candy station and our Dr. Seuss inspired centrepiece; the white and pink cotton candy manzanita tree with sparkling, hanging threads of crystals.

We are happy to report that our centrepiece was a hit! They might not have known where our wedding decor team drew their inspiration for this cotton candy tree, but our lovely bride and groom definitely enjoyed the level of creativity that was put into creating such an original centrepiece.

It is amazing to witness what transpires from decor imitating art. Did you create a decorative piece that was inspired by art or a movie? If so, tell us what it is. We would love to hear your story!