Wedding Trends 2018 That Will Inspire Today’s Bride

Planning a wedding can turn a shy, soft-spoken girl to a bridezilla real quick. All because she is trying to design an event where the decor withstands the test of time by choosing decor elements (florals, centrepieces, linen, etc.) that are truly timeless and elegant. After all, she is the go-to person for that one special occasion that she has dreamt of happening since she was turning her pillowcases into veils.

2018 Latest Wedding Trends

Trending Colour Scheme: Mint Green and Blush Pink

Wedding color palettes are the first thing you think of when you start planning your big day. The color sets the tone and vibe of the whole event. As for the brides of 2018, Mint Green and Blush Pink is the way to go and you can easily see why. It’s fresh, romantic and spring or summer ready! It’s a delicate combination to play with, but once you get it right, it could easily become a crowd pleaser.

Mint Green and Rose Gold Tablescape
Above: This floral centerpiece on the mint green silk linen with golden charger are the perfect combination.

Soft Mint Green and Blush Table Decor Elements
Above: Such a soft and feminine combination of colours.

Trending Wedding Theme: Rustic

Getting married in a barn, or on a farm, have been popular choices for several years now and that is no different this year. This theme seems to be holding strong and we expect to see it trending for years to come.

Rustic wedding themes don’t require a lot of decorations- less is more in this case. So you will want to add just a few touches to make the space perfect for your wedding. It can easily be achieved by having an intimate venue in a barn or farm, decorate the ceiling with strings of industrial lights, and have lots of natural elements such as trees, leaves and wood decor pieces. Achieving a rustic feel may sound hard at first, but in most cases the venue setting gets the job done for you.

Rustic Event Space
Above: Notice how the strings of Edison lights along with the crystal chandeliers add rustic elegance to this space.

Rustic Table Decor
Above: Twigs in between glass candle votives complete this rustic look.

Vintage Iron Cage Floral Decor Piece
Above: A stunning vintage iron cage is perfect addition to a rustic wedding.

Unconventional Bouquets

This can easily be associated with rustic themed weddings, but it can go with any style of wedding as well. This is the type of bouquet that is arranged in a wild and very natural manner, with no attention to shape. There is no particular flower to use or not use. It incorporates twigs and many leaves. It is simply perfect in its imperfection.

Unconventional Bouquets
Above: A collection of truly unconventional bouquets that are as unique as the bride that carries them.

Complete Venue Transformations

Classic weddings will never go out of trend. Not only would it not be out of trend, but it’s evolving too. Venue transformation is taking a simple rented hotel ballroom or a plain white industrial loft and having it revamped to make it totally your own. Ceiling designs is one of the popular way to pull this off. Lots of chandeliers, elegant draping, sophisticated centrepieces, vinyl dance floors, lanterns or café lights hanging from above can change the atmosphere of a space. It goes from feeling empty to feeling intimate— especially if your venue has lofty ceilings.

All White Wedding Reception
Above: White cones and crystal beads hanging from the ceiling at this stunning all-white wedding reception.

All White Ceiling Decor

Above: Suspended round white bulbs mixed with white florals and crystal strings make for an awe-inspiring ceiling.

Glamorous Wedding Reception Decor
Above: This venue’s ceiling decor is just as impressive as the rest of this glamorous reception decor.

Rustic Glamour
Above: A forest-like wedding theme where brown branches are hanging from the ceiling as well.

In conclusion, wedding trends aside, weddings are a reflection of the bride and groom’s personality. Most of the time the bride’s vision if we were to be completely honest. No matter how subtle the elegance or extravagant; all that matters is that the happy couple realize their vision for their dream wedding. The day that signifies the start of their happily ever after together. Two things to definitely keep in mind: Just be sure to hire the right professional vendors and, more importantly, be sure to enjoy every single second of your wedding day.